How much is the rate increase anyway?

A group opposed to the recall is circulating flyers accusing the recall proponents of lying about how much the rate increase is, and implying that it’s only a $2.25/month increase.  What’s your response to that?


The increases are occurring in 6 stages.  Because the most recently implemented stage of the series raised the “typical” bill by $2.22/month, the opposition pretends that’s all there is to it.  The city’s own rate increase notices tell the full story, and you can decide for yourself who is misleading you.

Oxnard Rate Increase Notices

The city’s rate increase notices show the “typical” bill will increase from $30.93/month (in 2016) to $54.20/month (by 2020).  That’s a 75% increase, which is $279.24 per year.  It’s a lot more than $2.25 per month.  Of course, how much your bill increases depends on how much water you use.  These numbers assume a household uses 9 Hundred Cubic Feet (HCF) per month.  If you use more water than that, your bill will increase even more than the “typical” bill.

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