Recall the Oxnard City Council


The Oxnard City Council keeps raising our utility bills.

Last year, the City Council increased sewer rates 87% – a staggering $326 per year increase for a typical household.

In response, we voters rejected the City Council’s abusive rate increases by overwhelmingly approving Measure M with 72% of the vote.

Outrageously, even after a clear voter mandate for reasonable utility rates, Mayor Tim Flynn and Councilmembers Carmen Ramirez, Bert Perello and Oscar Madrigal refuse to carry out the people’s will and seek out low-cost solutions. Instead, they dishonor and thwart our democracy.

These elected officials support a taxpayer-funded lawsuit to overturn Measure M in the courts – and advocates new, massive utility rate hikes on top of the increases voters already rejected.

Worse still, they oversees a city hall plagued by scandal, mismanagement and financial malfeasance – including the unlawful skimming of millions of dollars annually from Oxnard’s utility enterprises to the general fund.

We’re charged outrageously high taxes and fees, and pay councilmembers more than other Ventura County cities. In exchange, we endure crumbling roads, high unemployment, substandard services, increased crime rates and growing gang violence.

We deserve better!

It’s time for us to recall and replace Mayor Tim Flynn and Councilmembers Carmen Ramirez, Bert Perello and Oscar Madrigal with those who will demand accountability, deliver competent oversight, support transparency and won’t circumvent voters.

Petitions are currently being drafted for registration with the Oxnard City Clerk to demand a recall election. Once these petitions are approved and printed, we will gather signatures from Oxnard registered voters (we are hoping you will help with that).

Once we succeed, a special recall election will be held in Oxnard to remove and replace these politicians who insist on breaking the law and ignoring our votes.

Please join us in petitioning and campaigning for good community neighborhood government. Right now, we have quite the opposite of good government. is the central organizing resource for the effort to replace the Oxnard City Council with new, honest members to govern and serve our community.  Go here to join our email list and stay informed about our effort.  More importantly, go here to help circulate petitions - only paper petitions are valid - this is not an 'online' petition drive.  Only real paper signatures from voters registered in the City of Oxnard are valid.  

How the Process Works

It's a simple 3-Step process:

1.  Circulate petitions demanding a recall election in Oxnard.  Go here to help circulate petitions.

2.  Find capable, honest candidates to replace the current council and run against them in the recall election.

3.  Campaign for victory in Oxnard and replace the city council.


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