Besides utility rate increases, are there other reasons to recall the council?


This city council's willingness to discard our vote on utility rates was the last straw.

But there are plenty of other reasons why we deserve a new city council. Even Mayor Flynn concedes in his official response to our recall notice that Oxnard is "recovering from years of malfeasance and financial neglect."

On that point ... he's right!

Moreover, we Oxnard residents have the privilege of paying outrageously high fees and taxes ... including an extra sales tax (Measure "O") for enhanced services.

Are you receiving enhanced services

  • Take a look at our crumbling roads. We have the worst roads in Ventura County.
  • Witness the rising crime rates and growing gang violence.  Our city council is not focused on providing adequate police protection.
  • Observe the empty, decaying buildings (e.g. the Levitz building). Our city chases away businesses and the jobs they create.

So many squandered opportunities and broken promises ... from a city that doesn't really care about us.

Does this city council's performance justify them paying themselves a higher salary than any other Ventura County city -- including generous pension and health care benefits?

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