Your opponents ague that the recall election is a waste of money. What’s your response to that?


Last November, we voters overwhelmingly voted for Measure M to reject the City Council's 87% wastewater rate increase. The city council has already spent more of your money fighting Measure M in the courts than it will spend on a recall election.  A public records request revealed that through June 2017, the city has already spent:

$ 73,633 trying to keep Measure M off the ballot
 164,000 trying to overturn the public vote on Measure M

$237,633 (total so far and still rising)

The council is enthusiastically spending your money to fight you and overturn your vote for reasonable utility rates. 

Suddenly, they object to spending money that will actually hold them accountable. We believe voters will see their argument for what it is: self-serving.

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